Users Manual


Full Sets Include:

  • Board (With Controller, Receiver, Battery Capsule)- 1 PC
  • Kit Sets- 1 Set
  • 30AH Battery- 1 PC
  • Board Package- 1 PC
  • Foot Leash + Magnetic Switch- 1 PC
  • eFoil Sets- 1 Set
  • Wireless Remote Control- 1 PC
  • Remote Control Charger- 1 PC
  • Battery Charger- 1 PC



Surfboard: Has floating ability and is equipped for any other surf

lifestyles and water sports.


Hydrofoil System: This is a hydrofoil system of specialized design, it

contains a plate, vertical bar, horizontal bar, front wing, and rear wing;

connected with screws through concave and convex structures which

are installed at the bottom of the surfboard.


Motor Propulsive System: This system is equipped with a permanent

magnetic brushless motor (PMBM), and works with a bypass propeller.

The motor and propeller are mounted on the vertical rod of the



Battery: This device is a Lithium Battery (ATJ-BMS), which provides

long and powerful energy.

  • Battery specification: 13 series of lithium batteries; Voltage range

48V, Current 30Ah. The battery is installed in the sealed box of the

Efoil Surfboard.


Controller of Motor: Controls the operation of the Motor. It is In-

stalled in the sealed box of the Surfboard.


Control Circuit: includes a magnetic controlling switch, battery

indicator and remote control receiver, installed in the sealed box of

the surfboard.


Magnet: Connect with the magnetic switch.



Step 1: Take out parts, flip the board over and mount the mast onto

the base of the board.


Step 2: Turn the board to face up and connect the one wire from the

mast through the circular hole of the box to the controller in the small

section of the box.


NOTE: Water will enter the small section of the box when the board is not flying out on the water, to give the controller a cooling effect.


Step 3: Place the battery inside the waterproof box, and connect the

cables to the matching color connections.


NOTE: Remember to put back the waterproof cover after each charge.


Step 4: Turn the two handles anti-clockwise to lock the cover.

If you want to open the waterproof hatch, please turn the handles in

a clockwise direction.


Step 5: Match code for the remote control. (In general, we have

finished matching before sending it out).