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I'm in love with these things! Flifoil is the future of water sports.


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It's like Marty McFly's surfboard!


Shea, Arizona
The Ultimate Experience

Fli On water

Integrated advanced electric hydrofoil technology
Our most preferred size
The NEW 2024 Flifoil Surge
Ride the waves like never before with the new 2024 Flifoil Surge! This incredible board is not just your average watercraft; it's a powerhouse of support, performance, and sheer power! Enjoy extended ride time, Faster-charging battery enhanced remote, new sleek motor and modern design. Embrace the Future of Foiling with the New 2024 Flifoil Surge.
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Fully Electric

up to 25mph

Better responsiveness and maneuverability
Samsung Built to Perfection
Flifoil Surge Battery
Introducing the Samsung Built FliFoil Surge Battery - your ultimate companion for electrifying aquatic adventures! Lightning-fast charging time of just 1.5 hours and a remarkable runtime of up to 60-90 minutes. The Flifoil Surge battery sets a new standard for endurance and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted fun on the water.
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Up to 2 hrs

High efficiency to keep you flying longer.
Industry Leading Design
Flifoil Surge Remote
Superior Durability and Design offers a 100% waterproof and buoyant remote that boasts a high-durable nylon housing providing a perfect grip, for a secure and comfortable hold. This remote comes with an extended Battery Life and Innovative App Integration that allows you to track your GPS location for you to analyze your performance and share thrilling moments with your friends.
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Zero emissions

Environmentally Conscious for reduced carbon footprint
Carbon Fiber
New Sleek Design
The Flifoil Surge Motor and Mast are engineered to deliver unparalleled performance while ensuring maximum maneuverability and speed. Thanks to the carbon fiber construction, these components are exceptionally lightweight, allowing you to effortlessly glide across the water with minimal drag. Experience a thrilling ride like never before, as the reduced weight enables quicker acceleration, longer flights, and enhanced control over your hydrofoil.
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A whole new experince

Discover Flifoil

Lessons Available now
Learn to ride a Flifoil
The experience will last roughly an hour and a half with a half-hour introduction/review followed by an hour in the water. We'll have you up and riding in no time with the unique feeling of effortless flight on a Flifoil.
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