About Flifoil

Flifoil is one of the world's first fully- electric surfboards. This small family owned company has created boards for all skill levels, from beginner to pro, and plans to change how you explore the water and revolutionize how you enjoy water sports. Flifoil was founded by 3 enthusiasts in love with the concept of flying above the water. Our unique electric propulsion system can lift you above the water with a push of a button. Riders of all ages and abilities can learn what it's like to Fli. These boards are proudly designed in Arizona with branches in Pheonix, Las Vegas and Alaska.  Flifoil boards are made to give the rider an unforgettable flying experience.



Flifoil products are more than just pieces of machinery, they are investments in a lifetime of support, new advancements, and uncharted territory. We're committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and performance.



As we collaborate with renowned board shapers and premier carbon fiber suppliers to deliver the highest-performance and most affordable efoil setups currently on the market, we also continue to refine our classic foil lineups. . Our previous customers have joined our ever-expanding family and provide us with continuous feedback that is integrated into our design processes. We are still firmly devoted to always upholding the best standards for our products.

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