Why are eFoil boards so expensive? Is eFoiling Difficult?

Why are efoil boards so expensive?

  • There is no "bulk discount" for most eFoil boards. However, Flifoil is one of the only companies that do offer a “bulk discount” on their efoil boards. Keep in mind that even while its overall production volume is increasing, it is still rather small. From a manufacturing standpoint, the large brands may only make thousands of each, which is not much on a global level!
  • Time is advancing quickly! eFoil's exorbitant price is explained by its low production volume as well as how frequently its designs change. Every new design requires brand-new molds, which need to be investigated, designed, tested, and prototyped.
  • Demand and supply. The rule of supply and demand states that when there is a high demand, the price will also be high.
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Is eFoiling Difficult?

Efoiling is very different from riding a regular surfboard or stand-up paddleboard on a wave, even though it is related to traditional surfing. It’s like riding on a tight rope. Do you want to know what makes an efoil and a hydrofoil different? Let's verify Hydrofoil vs. Efoil. When it comes to efoiling, we think everybody can fly. It does, however, call for certain fundamental skills; you must still feel at ease managing a board that is in pitch and become accustomed to the very different sensation of operating a board that rotates on a pitch and roll axis. Again, it’s like you are surfing on a tight rope. You must maintain while switching between various postures with ease. Balance is key. 

Therefore, it depends on the question "Is eFoiling difficult?"


  1. Is your balance normally good?

A lot of people have a decent sense of balance. Balance problems might arise as we age. Just to add, balance is crucial in any activity using a surfboard. Every position of efoiling requires balance, thus it gets harder to learn if you don't have strong balance.


  1. Is it simple for you to move from a lying to a standing position?

Everyone gets up differently and it takes practice to get from a flat belly position to a standing one. Some riders have strong knees and legs and some of them are incredibly fit. Others might not be in great shape, but they have a limber body that transitions between postures with ease. There are a handful of ways that anyone, regardless of size, weight, or degree of athleticism, can go from the prone position to standing. If you have movement problems, you might only be able to learn efoiling while kneeling, on your belly, or sitting crisscross at first. We do think anyone can do it with practice. After all, practice makes perfect. 

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